Go ahead and do what you like–and be sure to make a great living doing it!  A novel idea, isn’t it?

Welcome to the “Blog of Worldly Delights”, where I seek to shed light on people doing exactly that (and do it myself in the process)!

It seems like an underlying theme in today’s world, our “blueprint to success”, ya know?  Go to school to get a good job so you can buy nice things that you don’t need to impress a bunch of people you don’t know, nor do you probably like.

It’s a mouthful ain’t it?

Well I believe in doing what you love–within reason of course.  And this blog is all about providing inspiration for my readers, to encourage you to harness the power you have inside of you so that you can take advantage of the opportunities that are here for us in this day and age.

In one of my blog posts I tell you a story about an encounter I had with an owner of a architectural millwork company .  This weathered, simple, hardworking man was a welcome delight on a country cruise, and his outlook on life was truly moving.

In another post, I focus on a young “white kid” that’s carving his way out by letting people purchase rap beats that he’s made in his own bedroom–all through the powers of the internet, and the beauty of music.

That story in itself is one of proof of concept on the internet, without a doubt. A kid grows up in the bible-belt, graduates from a conservative, religious university with a degree in psychology, finds his way into the workplace and says, “is this what I’ve been waiting for?”

Have you been there?

Reaching that “unattainable goal” you set for yourself, only to find the ending a bit more empty than you had originally imagined?

I think that’s why I’m so passionate about this blog.

I’m on a crusade to bring the best of myself to you, so that you will in turn bring the best of yourself to the world.  My own little way of “changing the world, one person at a time.”

In my third post, I talk about a hardscaping company that really blew me away with their work and you’ve simply GOT to check them out!

I’ll tell you all about it in the post, but basically fell in love with their product at a back-yard kegger in my dad’s snoody neighborhood, and couldn’t help but dig a little deeper and find out what the people behind the work were all about.

I said all that, really just to say this…

I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll find value in the stories you’ll find.