Your Obligation to be Who You Are

He calls himself Jordo.

Best I can gather, he’s a mid 20’s middle-class kid who decided to try his hand at making a career as a music producer in the urban/hip-hop scene.

In watching some of his videos, I found out that he actually went to college, graduated in four years with a degree in psychology and even got a job in his field.

That’s where his story had an interesting twist…

He really struck a chord with my when he said something to the effect of, and I’m paraphrasing here so bear with me:

I got my degree, quicker than most people these days, and finally got a job in the field.  Within 18months I had been promoted twice and found myself making somewhere between 35 and 40 thousand dollars a year–depending on bonus.  I couldn’t help but realize that I wanted more, and that the path I was on was not going to lead me to where I saw myself going.

And today, he’s making a modest income, at minimum, doing exactly what he loves to do–making music.

Who would have thought a midwestern white kid could grow up and make an impact on the hip hop market–independently!

This story makes the blog because it’s a living testament of attacking life, of becoming who it is you were meant to be.

If good ol Jordo can sell his rap beats online then by golly, you can do whatever it is you need to do too!

The internet has given birth to a new ability for absolutely anyone to have their voice be heard, if they’ll just take time to understand the medium.

For instance–a local band doesn’t have to spend hours taping up flyers to promote their next show their weekend, only to reach a thousand eyes maximum.  No, today, they a band can make more efficient use of their time by promoting themselves online–requiring less “leg work” (though, online promo is a task in it’s own right), but also increasing exposure at an exponential rate!

With that in mind, we need to embrace our passions and our gifts and share them via this medium.

It’s our duty as an advanced species, in my humble opinion.

Overcome the resistance that faces you each day–the negative energy, TV, sweets, fatty foods, vices, substances, laziness and lethargy.  All of these things are made up in your mind.

We’re worth more than the $50 worth of physical materials you could sell our bodies for if scraped for parts.  There’s something more inside of us that makes us such a unique and beautiful species.

I hope you’ll find inspiration in this story, and take that positive every and take action today.

So get out there and do what needs done!

It’s a delightful thing!

Country Living–With Style!

So I’m driving, 45 or so mph, windows down with my music at a comfortably loud level, soaking in the sun as I cruise down the country road.

There’s a few farm houses–some nice, some needing demolition.

Theres a wood working manufacturing company on the side of the road with this huge log out front with a gigantic saw blade (fake of course) seemingly cutting this log in half.

I had to stop.

Walking inside, I was immediately greeted by a 100 pound curious German Shepherd and what was obviously her little buddy by her side.

Slightly terrified, but always optimistic, I reach to pet the two gatekeepers and continue into the shop as if I was supposed to be there.

I found the owner looking overwhelmed by the size of his inbox, hands behind his head, leaning back in his chair.

“Hey” he said, “what can I do for you?”

“Just stopping in to see what it is you guys do here,” I replied.

His face immediately began to glow, as if I was the first human to actually give a damn about his saw mill in the middle of BFE.

He gave me the tour of the their “wood yard”, showing me the biggest saws I had ever seen, a large outdoor dry kiln used to dry the lumber they chop from their own tree farms up north.

They had their hands on every part of the process in millwork manufacturing–from growing the tree in their farm, to designing and cutting the trim to be installed in what I’m assuming are multi-million dollar homes.

So much beauty, trapped on the side of an irrelevant country road.

But he was happy.  He was doing what he loved and took pride in his minimal carbon footprint.

The American Dream was alive and well with the owner of this shop, and he was simply glad to share his gifts with a stranger for a day.

I was moved by his passion and knowledge of his craft. Not to mention his connection with the earth and future generations–running a millwork manufacturing center that was almost 100% “green”.

It was this encounter that put my ass-to-seat so to speak, in getting busy with this blog.

There are people out there with certain gifts.  You are one of these people, as am I.

Are we not called to make the most of them?

Should we take it upon ourselves to ensure our potential was not given to us in vain?

I like to believe so…

There’s power in it.