It’s not about the reaction from others…

Sometimes is really just about appreciating all that goes into the small things we take for granted every day…

With an abundance of negative media in today’s world, I’ve decided to do a small part and take a stand for something I believe in, and that is the power of a positive mindset.

I seek to provide a perspective of life that looks deeper than the surface level to reveal the energy of the world, flowing in a constant, harmonious circle.

Some feel that life is happening for them–that life is full of gifts and blessings that we should feel grateful to receive.

Some people feel that life is happening to them–they are a constant victim to the problems and circumstances of their surroundings.

So what is it we’re called to do with our life?

I believe life is about taking advantage of the gifts you’re given at birth. Contributing what you’re able in an effort to further the world for everyone.

Not only is this perspective focused on growth, but there is also power in the mindset that becomes with this core belief.

It is my hope that this blog will help develop skills in observation, in both myself and in the eyes of my readers.

I hope that the observations on this blog will help exercise muscles of appreciation and gratefulness in the minds and bodies of my readers.

We start first with a tale of wanderlust that turned into finding a treasure I didn’t even know I was looking for!  Enjoying the ride is one thing, and being up for whatever is a beautiful compliment!

Also, don’t miss the inspiring story of a young man that is truly making moves in the online world, and his income all revolves around doing what he loves–producing music!  Check out this tale of college grad turned hip hop mogul and feel that fire burning ever so slightly hotter, right beneath the seat of your pants 😉

His tale is one of many that have inspired me to do what I do today.

The ability to “do what you love” and sustain a moderate to extreme income is more more attainable than ever, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that!

And in gratitude I trust, and it is my calling to share the feeling with the rest of the world.

So join me, and let’s get those “appreciation muscles” firing on all cylinders and lets indulge in some worldly delights!